The Problem with Poor Customer Service

By 28 July, 2015Business
Man goes from Happy to Sad
The problem with poor customer service is not really how angry it makes us, but how lazy we get with it. I just had a pretty poor experience over the weekend with Cathay Pacific and their Marco Polo frequently flier program. I won’t get into details here, but it involved two delayed flights, a cancellation on their part, being on hold on a long distance/roaming call for a collective 135 minutes, and a general attitude of ‘we don’t care, deal with it’. This was extremely frustrating as it was entirely their fault and they just refused to help.


However, the bigger problem I think is that I must have not been the only person dealing with this issue, as the airlineĀ canceledĀ a flight. If I had not spent that 135 minutes on hold, I might have not been put on a new flight. When I checked in for it, the line for stand-by passengers was about 200+ people strong.


So why do I think the biggest problem is that people get lazy?


Most people in that situation would get mad, would get angry, would scream at the customer service representative, tell a couple of friends about it, and leave it there. The airline won’t learn from their mistakes. They will not improve their customer service experience. They will not train their representatives. And in an extreme case, they might think they can just get away with treating their frequent customers like that, as there might be no repercussions.


So my call to arms is don’t be lazy. If you have a poor customer service experience, please take the time to fill a feedback form, email management and get your point across.



Enough being lazy and just accepting poor customer service.

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